Letter to the Editor: Mayor Arrigo of Revere, will not grant the citizens of Revere a public forum on mediation of Human Rights Commission he appointed

City of Revere – City Hall Revere MA 02151
Dear Mayor Arrigo

I’m am writing to you by direction of the HRC, and I am questioning the integrity of the HRC (Human Rights Commission) board members.
I would like to understand how during a public zoom meeting of Human Right Commission (HRC ), held on May 6, 2021 by Chairperson Janine Grillo Mara, can the appointed committee members effectively represent the citizens of this community. Being a Life Time resident of Revere, I would like to understand the actions and statement expressed at this meeting and statements made by a board members outside this meeting. When is it correct to insult someone, calling them white supremacist and racist? This is exactly what some of the HRC Board Members did. My family are immigrants and became US Citizens, Worked Hard, Paid Their Dues and LIVED a Good life in Revere. My family, along with many other immigrant families of All Nationalities have contributed to the building of Revere and its surrounding. Now, we are being segregated by the very committees and the people that are appointed to them, to uphold the laws that protect the very people they are bashing. Why is Kourou Pich stating “Thank for all you do dear sister to support the people of Revere…This individual is a racist person and a white supremacist.” There is not white supremacy in this City. Just because it is said, does not make it true or correct. Everyone overlooks the evidence and run with unproven accusation and causing defamation. The majority of the citizen of Revere are against all the misleading information spewed by these radicals slurs causing division within our community. See attachement 1.
My understanding of Human Right Commission is to Up Hold Constitutional Rights of Citizens pertaining to discrimination, Mediate Discriminatory Acts and to Unify the City of Revere, but instead they are segregating/dividing/ persecuting/attacking long time residence of Revere.
Bulling is not a tolerated,Massachusetts laws

• MGL c.12, § 11H Violation of constitutional rights
MGL c.71, § 37O Bullying in schools

• MGL c.265 § 43 Stalking
• MGL c.265,§ 43A Criminal harassment
• MGL c.266, § 37E Identity fraud
• MGL c.269, § 17 Hazing
• MGL c.269, § 18 Failure to report hazing
• MGL c.269, § 19 Schools to provide copy of hazing law to students
In Massachusetts, please explain why bulling is an accepted practice as a way to defeat and defame someone character to push an agenda that the residence of Revere, DO NOT AGREE OR WANT. Not only does the Community of Revere fight against these types of actions, they are also teaching in Our Community. This is the teaching of Racism, Bulling and Defaming of people of our Community. They are perpetuating these evil acts by teaching Critical Race Theory in our School. This was taught at the Garfield School in January 2021. This is absolutely absurd to teach children these types of teachings. What happened to Math, HISTORY, Science, ENGLISH…?
#ChildishGambino #ThisIsAmerica #OfficialVideo
At this particular meeting, Bob Upton spoke explaining the City of Revere’s HISTORY. All the cultures have made their mark in this

community as time occurred, just because other cultures or and ethnic groups have not made a mark in Our City of Revere, it does not mean they cannot contribute to the history of our community.
A comment expressed by Dimple J Rana, Executive Director of Healthy Community Initiatives / Revere on the Move (ROTM), Stated “Revere is not immune to Racism and Hate as many of my family, friends & community have either experienced or witnessed of the past 40+ years from the time of Southeastern Asians refugees who resettled & to the growing communities from Central and South America, North Africa & More” in her communications with RevereRecorded. See attachment 2.
The Revere Recorded replies: “I really wish all these leather-skinned Italians on the beach care as much about racism, gentrification and local hate crimes as much as they do about parking meters.”See attachment 2
I am a LIFE TIME resident of Revere and NEVER have I witnessed Hate Crimes in the City of Revere, nor has the Revere Journal ever printed a story of hate crimes in the City of Revere, where is her informations sourced.
Brittney Sao, also a City of Revere employee as Market Manager at Revere’s Farmers Market and Covid19 Ambassador. She spews her hate as well, “Finally, Revere’s racist & privileged MFS are being exposed. It’s about damn time. They made my loved ones’ lives a living hell, from 50 years olds fighting w minors to the bulling, victimization and harassment. Enough is Enough & I can’t wait for shit to bite them in the ass.” Here again Ms. Sao holds a privileged job in the City of Revere and is disrespectful to me and the people of the City of Revere. See attachment 3.
In conclusion:
Who are these women representing or MISREPRESENTING Our Community?
Who appointed them?

Why have the other board members Not Spoken Out Against them?
Kourou Pich: the Executive Director of HarborCov and a Member of HRC (Human Rights Commission) of the City of Revere.
Dimple J. Rana: Executive Director of Healthy Community Initiatives / Revere On The Move (ROTM).
Britney Sao: Market Manager at Revere’s Farmers and Covid19 Ambassador.
These three young ladies hold privileged jobs. WHY? Each has express their inability to perform a fair and ethical job.
I would like a meeting to discuss the bad avenue the City of Revere is making by people looking to divide our Community.
I will be looking forward to hear from you very soon,
Gina Castiello 781-629-2065

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