Massachusetts State Troopers Reunite Lost Dog With Owner

Earlier Friday night, Trooper Michael Delahoyde stopped to check on what he though was a disabled vehicle on Route 90 Eastbound in Weston.

The operator of the vehicle informed Trooper Delahoyde he stopped because there was a dog running along the road and he was in fear for its safety. The operator said he observed the dog run into the woods as Trooper Delahoyde was pulling up at which point the trooper began a search. Trooper Delahoyde entered the woods and on a stroke of luck was able to find the dog.

Trooper Jeffery Lang then arrived to assist and both troopers were able to secure the dog into a cruiser. As they were clearing the scene they heard a woman yelling down from an overpass informing them it was her dog who ran away. They instructed her to stay there as they transported the dog, Munster, to her and were able to reunite them.

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