Message From Medford Mayor Stephanie Muccini Burke

Last night at the Community Police Meeting, I joined Chief Buckley and the Medford Police Department facilitated a community discussion over potential solutions to the Main Street and South Street intersection. Residents of the neighborhood offered legitimate and helpful solutions.

The overall goal is to make the neighborhood safer and the intersection less dangerous. The future of the intersection is, of course, a working set of lights that regulate traffic properly.

Because the intersection is multi- jurisdictional, we are currently working with our State partners to secure the funding ($1Million-$5Million) to install multiple sets of working traffic lights as the end goal.

In the meantime, based upon community input, the Police and the City will be piloting different short term solutions to enhance the safety for all. One solution that had good community support was to reverse the flow of traffic by making South Street a one-way street in the opposite direction.

The proposed temporary solution would keep South Street from the area of Walnut to the Main Street intersection moving in the same direction it has always flowed.

From the area of Walnut Street to Winthrop Street, the direction would be reversed allowing for traffic to flow opposite its current direction.

While recognizing that this will create some changes to the residents who live in the surrounding neighborhood, the proposal has the potential to reduce the amount of traffic that drives on South Street dramatically and will reduce the amount of traffic that enters the Main @ South intersection thus creating a safer intersection.

The Police Department, the Highway Department and the City Engineers will meet quickly to look at the community proposed initiative. There will be other residual issues to address such as making South Street at Main Street a right turn only and to look at the aide streets to see if reversing one of these will benefit the residents as they make their way to and from home.

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