Message Of Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria

Last week a member of the administrative office at EHS was in extreme medical distress, when nine very special people sprang to action with urgency and concern for their fellow worker.

They did not panic, they calmly and professionally came to her aid and administered CPR and kept her comfortable and calm until EMT’s could arrive. Their action in the face of such a dire situation saved her life, and their is no greater accomplishment than that.

I was more than proud to present them all with Citations, commemorating their bravery and professionalism under such extreme circumstances.

They are, (seated from left) Linda Maloney, Angela Ciaramaglia, Rixy Reyes-Oseguera, Kathi Fauci, (standing from left) Ruth Cardona-Suarez, Raymonde F. Sainristil, Glenn Nadeau, Christine Dunbrack and EPD Officer Patrick Cassidy.

Great job, you should all be very proud!

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