Cambridge Works Celebrates 22nd Graduating Class

City’s Transitional Job Program Gives Residents a Helping Hand

Cambridge, MA, June 24, 2019 – Cambridge Works, the City of Cambridge’s transitional jobs program for younger residents (age 18-35) who haven’t been able to get or keep jobs, celebrated its 22nd graduating class during a special ceremony June 20 at Cambridge City Hall.

The highly successful program provides a temporary job with the City of Cambridge, and/or other partner employers, while also offering intensive case management, soft skills development and job search assistance to help participants secure an unsubsidized job upon program completion. Cambridge Works is coordinated through the Office of Workforce Development, a part of the Department of Human Services Program (DHSP).

For many Cambridge Works participants, the job skills they learn, the experience they gain, and the support they receive from city staff and classmates can be life changing, affording them a much needed second chance in many cases.

Master of Ceremonies Richard Harding, a Program Coordinator at Cambridge Public Health Department added his thanks to the city administration and City Council for their longstanding support of this program that is unique in the state and has made a tremendous difference to some younger Cambridge residents who needed a helping hand in developing work skills to give them a chance at success.

Transitional Jobs Program Coordinator Mike Merullo extended his sincere thanks to the city department partners, worksite supervisors, and external employer partners stressing that this program would not exist without them.

“You should be proud of your achievements, and I hope you know that our City Staff, your worksite employers, and your families are proud of you,” said Cambridge City Manager Louis A. DePasquale. “You put a lot of hard work into completing this program, but more importantly you put a lot of hard work into investing in yourself. I want you to know that the Cambridge Works staff will continue to support you, so make sure that you stay connected to the program and stay focused on your goals. Your City believes in you, and I know that you will continue believing in yourself.”

Special guest speaker Suffolk District Attorney Rachael Rollins gave the graduates some positive feedback and encouraged them to continue working hard and striving to give 100 percent.

Below are a few comments from some of the speeches by the Cambridge Works graduates:

”The Cambridge Works staff gave me the skills and level of confidence I need to succeed.” Ariana

“I’d like to thank the City of Cambridge for giving me the opportunity to join this program. I am excited to get to work and truly blessed to have been a part of Cambridge Works.” Tyler

“The City of Cambridge is doing some great things for this community, like with this program. Thank you for your time and energy. There is no doubt you’ve had an impact on my life.” Alyssa

“I’d like to thank the staff who pieced together this amazing program. Without them, I would not be where I am today.” Jamal

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