Zenaide Diemer for School Committee Stoneham

Dear Neighbors and Fellow Community Members:

My name is Zenaide Diemer; I am running for School Committee, and on April 2nd, 2019 I am asking for your vote. I am honored and humbled by the chance to use my experience as an educator, mom, and small business owner to help serve our town.

I have been a resident of Stoneham for much of the past twenty years. Seven years ago, my husband and I bought our first home in Stoneham. Together, with the help of supportive family members in town, we are successfully raising our six-year-old daughter and three-year-old son. I understand what it is like to juggle a family and a small business—a supportive community makes all the difference. I am thankful for my life here, and I want to use this chance to serve our community.

As an educator, I can offer my experienced perspective in the capacity of school Committee member. I wish to represent the students and be their fierce advocate. I want to bring life changing opportunities to our students. As a small business owner, I understand to create additional revenue opportunities. As a mom, I want to help Stoneham Public Schools meet the academic and social needs of all kids. I believe Stoneham can distinguish itself from surrounding communities and create enthusiasm around expanding educational opportunities for all.

I want to work collaboratively with my fellow committee members to discuss and plan the details of the recently approved new Stoneham High School. WHAT BETTER TIME NOW TO HAVE A TEACHER REPRESENTED IN THE SCHOOL COMMITTEE! We have a tremendous opportunity to design a school that can serve our community in areas of need such as job training, trades, and adult education programs. WHAT BETTER TIME NOW TO HAVE A TEACHER REPRESENTED IN THE SCHOOL COMMITTEE! We can position ourselves to meet the diverse needs of all our students and community learners at all levels. WHAT BETTER TIME NOW TO HAVE A TEACHER REPRESENTED IN THE SCHOOL COMMITTEE! My 15 years’ experience as a Special Education Teacher enables me to understand first-hand what our students need to be competitive and successful.

At the same time, as a teacher of 15 years in the classroom I understand the social challenges kids go through on a daily basis. To find acceptance, to learn how to be kind to one another. I am fiercely protective of our students. Bullying is a big problem and I want to do more to stop it! I envision developing programs that will increase self-esteem, kindness and compassion among our students.

In thinking about our new future high school – it would be a good thing to offer adult education classes, creative arts, and other programs that enrich and assist retired citizens, parents, and many others. I believe today’s students benefit from learning life skills during formative high school years. I support expanding the work experience to summer camp programs giving students an opportunity to help others and serve in their community. As a mother of two young kids, I would love a job training program that allows high school students to teach and counsel younger students in summer camp programs.

I would love the opportunity to serve our town. On April 2nd, please consider voting for me, Zenaide Diemer. I look forward to the opportunity to answer any questions about my candidacy, please feel free to contact me at zenaidediemer@gmail.com.

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