Michael Coller Candidate 9th District Essex County

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“House of The Ninth District Essex County”

Saugus, Massachusetts, October 3, 2018

Local Candidate for State Representative Ninth District Essex County Michael A. Coller feels that as a wise person once said “if you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room.” Well, according to Coller, he is that man but is “trapped in that room,” inside a house he affectionately calls “House of the Ninth District Essex County.”

Coller believes he has endured personal attacks, past “rigged elections,” Ballots removed from his Precinct’s Voting Totes, improperly secured Election Safes, misleading remarks by Town Government to local Press, Violation of his 1’st Amendment Rights, Infringement upon his access to Public Television Telecommunications by the Wakefield Cable “Audio Visual Co-Captains,” forced to resign from a local Town Government Appointed position by a “high level” Official in order to ratify a multimillion dollar salary contract, initiated a Criminal Complaint against a member of the Saugus Selectman “Fab Five” incumbents for Harassing his constituents after placing Campaign Lawn Signs  on their properties then threatening adverse political treatment. Mr. Coller truly believes this is all as the result of exercising his right to participate in “running for Office at the Municipal and State Level.” Most recently being “snubbed” for an upcoming debate by a novice who is being coddled and spoon fed by a higher level of the Democratic Party who failed to coerce a more experienced candidate to run for the “seat.”

“Well, Coller feels “his friends have become enemies and his enemies and now close friends.” At this juncture in the Election “everyone wants to be an arm chair quarterback.” His passion is steadfast and determination to show the “true colors” of the risky world of politics is unwavering. “Save your opinion unless you voted.” Coller quips. For example he states “over twenty thousand voters registered in the Town of Saugus and a measly few thousand head to the polls during the last election?” Coller then chuckles and recalls “One of the Fab Five stated in the 2017 Selectman Debate which he attended at the Town Hall in Saugus mumbled…..Saugus is the next Lynnfield!” Coller envisions that happening someday but with lack of control over traffic, construction nightmares, a cultured educational curriculum, managing the debt over cash flow ratio, Town Government Turnover, a much needed salary increase for City and Town Employees (of course except the Million Dollar Manager in Saugus). Suddenly, Coller slows his dissertation and deeply sighs “every time you open the local newspaper, something appears to embarrass the Town and the citizen’s of Saugus.” Let’s not forget that during the “meandering Finneran days” Precinct 3 and 10 abutting the Resco incinerator, which the Saugus Town Government so endears, were removed and placed into Suffolk County. Why you ask? Very simply, to remove any decision making or involvement from the 9th District Essex County State Representative on this “controversial site.”

Inclosing Michael A. Coller brings over twenty five years of experience to the City of Lynn and Town’s of Wakefield and Saugus in order to be utilized for the betterment of our communities.

An expert at analyzing financial statements for some of the largest retail organizations in the country all in an effort to pin point areas where losses occur compared to solid, healthy line items that increase sales and margins. Analyzing opportunities such as Human Resources of which includes maintaining well trained and educated teams is a focal point of Coller’s reorganizational talents. Lastly, a leader in the field of detecting truth and deception, he has been hired, retained and provided consultation for anyone experiencing or been the victim of Criminal Acts. Coller’s passion for the environment can be seen in his dedication to the Saugus

Conservation Commission for two years as well as his deep concerns for education as an appointed Library Trustee for a similar term. Currently, Coller provides Personal Protection Services and owns, operates MAC Investigations.

Coller’s intention is to bring down the “House of the Ninth District Essex County” while being the “smartest man in the room” all in an effort to better our communities. Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

Respectfully submitted,

Committee to Elect Michael A. Coller

Candidate For State Representative

9th District Essex County Massachusetts

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