Mayor Carlo DeMaria is happy to announce that the City of Everett’s Housing and Emergency Rehabilitation Program continues to offer deferred payment loans to income qualified property owners for necessary and emergency repairs. The goal of the program is to improve housing conditions of low to moderate-income individuals.

Through the City of Everett’s Housing Program, several houses around the city have been beautifully transformed into renovated homes. Over forty houses have been completely updated to city standards and several more are under construction.

“Everett has some of the most beautiful architecture and historic homes in the Commonwealth. It is important to maintain the old buildings that have made up the city landscape for decades,” Mayor DeMaria said. “I am very grateful to the residents for improving their homes. Together, we are beautifying the city, one house at a time.”

Looking to the future, the Mayor and his administration want to improve a property’s value and the value of surroundings properties, enrich the appearance of a neighborhood and create a healthy and safe living environment.

The City of Everett began the program in April 2016 to enforce the Massachusetts’ sanitary code. City’s Inspectional Services Department issues letters to residents whose homes violate regulations. Priority will be given to projects that are in violation of the State Building and Sanitary Code, need compliance with Americans with Disability Act or are in need of abatement of lead paint and removal of asbestos. Eligible repair activities include, but are not limited to, electrical, heating, plumbing, structural repairs, roof repairs, weatherization, lead paint and asbestos removal, and other related building improvements such as handicap accessibility needs and other improvements that eliminate hazards to occupants of subject property.

Through funds from the annual Community Development Block Grant, the City of Everett’s Community Development and Housing office offers financial assistance to help qualified individuals make the necessary fixes to their houses.

“Not only does the Home Beautification Program improve curb appeal,” said Mayor DeMaria, “it encourages residents to protect their investments. Renovations raise the homeowner’s property value as well as those of neighboring houses.”

For further information, please contact the Planning Department at 617-394-2245.

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