Women Make History at the Boston Comedy Festival Finale

This years’ Boston Comedy Festival, Nancy Norton, a hilarious comedian from Colorado, took home the top prize of $10,000, becoming the first woman to win one of comedy’s most prestigious competitions.

Nancy electrified the sold-out audience at the Somerville Theater, vying among a field of comedians who all had amazing sets.

2018 was a big year for women in Boston’s comedy scene, with four of the five finalists this year being funny females. Boston’s own Erin Spencer, Kathe Farris, and Emily Ruskowski each had amazing sets, each with their own original styles. Erin Spencer was the first transgender person to make it to the finals, getting big laughs with her explanation of what it was like to get “the operation”, among other topics both educational and hilarious.

Now it would be unfair to not mention that the men on this show, Jason Choi, Alex Falcone, Alex Velluto, Morgan Jay brought their own comedic heat and original styles with amazing sets of their own.

Gary Gulman, one of the most respected stand-up comedians in America, was honored with the Comedian of the Year Award. He was both funny and charming while accepting this long overdue acknowledgment in Boston.

The night closed out with Massachusettes native and comedy icon, Jennifer Coolidge accepting her Lifetime Achievement Award for her amazing body of work. Her hilarious acceptance speech ended both the night and the Festival appropriately – with a standing ovation.

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