Mayor Carlo DeMaria continues to stress the importance of maintaining the health, safety, and welfare of the city’s residents and owners of residential housing. The Division of Code Enforcement, under the leadership of the Mayor, has led an aggressive campaign to enforce all relevant ordinances in order to maintain a high quality of life for all Everett residents and landlords.

Last year, the City of Everett was granted admission in the Northeast Housing Court Jurisdiction.  This has proven to be a valuable asset as this Court focuses on housing issues within the community. The Massachusetts Housing Courts were established to handle cases focusing on residential housing, and specializes in the issues related to code enforcement challenges in the community. These courts have jurisdiction to hear civil cases that are brought to enforce local ordinances or state sanitary, building, and fire prevention codes, which regulate residential housing.

Mayor DeMaria stated, “The Northeast Housing Court has helped provide us with the tools needed to continue enforcing safer housing, while also implementing best practices for targeting blighted and unsafe properties in our community. My administration will continue to work hard to make our City a cleaner, safer, and more beautiful place to live for our current and future residents.”

The Inspectional Service Department, in conjunction with the Solicitor’s Office has been diligent in its dealing with blighted and unsafe properties throughout the community, fully utilizing the Housing Court system. Since taking office in 2007, the Mayor has been concerned about blighted properties and their negative spillover effects of having such properties in a neighborhood. The Mayor has made it a priority to work collaboratively with residents and landowners on specific needs and making sure each house is safe and free of blight.

By joining the Northeast Housing Court, the City of Everett has been able to seek the advice and order of the Court assuring properties meet the sanitary, building, or fire prevention codes. This has afforded the City with the opportunity to help beautify and make safer several dozen proprieties throughout the community.

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