Gung Ho Club Celebrates Their 70th Anniversary

Boston- The Gung Ho Club, New England’s oldest Chinese youth athletic organization, will be celebrating their 70th Anniversary on October 27, 2018 at the Empire Garden Restaurant in Boston’s Chinatown.  Founded in 1948, the Gung Ho Club which is also known as the Boston Chinese Freemasons Athletic Club, offers inner city youth a fraternal organization where they can learn lion dancing, martial arts and other team sports such as 9-Man volleyball and basketball.

Traditionally, every Lunar New Year,  the streets in Boston’s Chinatown are filled with people that come to watch the Gung Ho Club bring good luck to all the business establishments as they perform choreographed lion dance routines.  The Gung Ho Club lion dance team performs all over New England during a month long celebration of the Lunar New Year culminating in an amazing routine at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut.  In addition to New Year celebrations the team performs at weddings, parties, and grand openings of business establishments.

The Gung Ho Club has also made significant strides in becoming more competitive in both volleyball and basketball.  This year they will be sending a volleyball team to Montreal for the annual North American Chinese Invitational Volleyball Tournament.

“I am proud to be part of an organization that helps mentor inner city youth through team sports and teaching traditional lion dance,”  said Victor Lee ,  President of the Gung Ho Club.  “I would like to thank all our sponsors who support us throughout the year because your help allows us to provide our youth with these valuable opportunities.”

In addition to lion dance performances and sports activities, Gung Ho Club members value their corresponding responsibility of supporting the Chinatown community through volunteer work with youth, elderly programs as well as law enforcement organizations.  Throughout its 70 year history, members of the organization have not only contributed to the community through volunteerism and cultural development but most have gone on to become valuable leaders in the city and nationally working in law enforcement, local politics, corporate and business owners.  All will credit the values instilled to them as a Gung Ho Club member that laid the groundwork for their personal development and future growth.  All donations and contributions to the organization are vital to continuing to build programs and support systems for the Chinese youth while opening future developmental and professional opportunities for them.


Our mission is to organize and mentor Chinese youth in the greater Boston area in a fraternal organization where they can engage in athletics, sports and social activities as well as educating them on their Chinese culture and heritage.

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