By Mayor Carlo DeMaria

This past weekend, I was overwhelmed by the turnout for our Earth Day cleanup of the Northern Strand Community Trail. I am humbled by the amount of residents, local officials, non-profit organizations, businesses, volunteer groups and municipal employees that all came together to improve our City. We are fortunate to have such a great community that cares about our environment. Everett’s portion of the bike trail has quickly become one of the best sections of the Northern Strand Community Trail.

On Saturday, it was clear to me that we have made it a community goal and a cooperative effort to maintain a certain level of cleanliness on the path. The work that was accomplished would not have been possible if not for the hundreds of volunteers. Senior citizens, city employees, and city organizations removed debris, painted over graffiti, prepared gardens for the summer months, placed medallions on storm drains, painted street art, built an ornamental garden and helped improve our quality of life here in Everett.

I was particularly heartened to see so many young students volunteering. It was evident that these young adults have a strong work ethic and responsibility, and qualities that will ultimately benefit them in their adult lives.

I know a majority of us were probably sore on Sunday, but let me tell you, as Mayor, I am proud of the work that was accomplished. We came together as a community to make sure that we maintain a quality path that is accommodating to a multitude of users. This path connects our community to significant destinations and brings increased economic vitality, improved quality of life, and better community health outcomes by providing easy access to physical activity.

A City is only as strong as its people and the over 300 volunteers undoubtedly showed that. To all the sponsors; Schnitzer Northeast, Wheelabrator Saugus, Tighe & Bond, Bobrek Engineering, and 7/11 on Main Street I remain truly humbled by your gestures in helping my administration continue to improve the beauty of our community.

Once again, thank you for coming together and participating in our Earth Day Clean up. Your work and dedication certainly did not go unnoticed and I truly appreciate it not only as Mayor, but also as a resident of the City of Everett.

Schnitzer Northeast

Wynn Boston Harbor

Wheelabrator Saugus

Tighe & Bond

Bobrek Engineering

7/11 Everett (Main Street)

Bobby Barrett

Vinnie Ragucci

Jeanne Cristiano

Tom Philbin

Linda Yebba

Jeannie Vitukevich

Marzie Galazka

Gene Masella

Kevin Dorgan

Frank Nuzzo

Maria Josefson

Franny Moccia

Chad Luongo

Deanna Colameta

Catherine Rollins

Guerline Alcy

Dolores Lattanzi

Andrew Napolitano

Jerry Navarra

Tino Rozza

Colleen Mejia

Kevin O’Donnell

Rob Moreschi

Greg St. Louis

Rachel Kelly

Donna Lento

BJ Deveraux

Laurie Flagg

Rich Connors

Angelica Quintanilla

Kathleen Slipp

Stacy DeBole

Jennifer Gonzalez

Eleanor Gayheart

Yirga Wondimu

Teresa Coral

Jose Coral

Maciej Pacula

Hayley Robinson

Holly Garcia

Kristi Panduku

Susie Boretti

Susan Cushing

Bob Cushing

Carolyn Lewenberg

Ersilia Matarazzo

Giuseppe Cataldo

Stephanie Martins

Mark Toppi

Martin Furtado

John Sullivan

Louie Staffieri

Frank Nuzzo

Micky Damato

Ed Aliberti

Mike Karpenko

Sal Firicano-LoBono

Mike Mastrocola

Mike Mastrocola Jr.

Mickey DeMato

Peter Sikora


Shawn Bonneau

Ana Ludwig

Rigel Ludwig

Dan Kelley

Christine Reno

Ellie Chabot

Anna kelley

Darrly Reno

Lucien Ludwig

Lukas Ludwig

Brendan Chabot

Darris Reno

Mio Sotis Barbosa

Cameron Horsley

Anthony Kelley

Vanessa Santos

Vanessa Santos Child

Antoinettte Octave Blanchard

Stacy Cook

Caitlin Norden

Sabrina Torra

George Ubaha

Joshua Grzegorzewksi

Beth Grzegorzewksi

Anya Grzegorzewksi

Llia Grzegorzewksi

Simona DelloRusso

Paul Guarino

Tammy Turner

Sandra Le

Arthur Rosa

John Nygen

Iza De Souza

Omayma Salih

Arianna Ventura

Jamie Nagle

Martina Vo

Madison Cifra

Lorena Corbelli

Marie Andre Vincent

Caroline Tran

Tony Thang

Irene Cardillo

Paul Cardillo

Janet Marchillo

Richard Marchillo

Rita Rocha

Mariela Chacon

Madina Dansoko

Jim Tozza

Amanda Gil

Chirsti Gordon

CiCi Gordon

Sean Sullivan

Cheryl Wilder

Bob Desalvio

Matt DeSalvio

Jess Tocco

John Tocco

Natalie Brown

Kin Lee

Doug Williams

Macaire Moran

Linda Shedden

Gene Mak

Jeff Caldwell

Melissa Caldwell

Deb McLeod

Anthony Moreschi

Greg D

Warren Richards

Jennie Peterson

Michael Brunnmier

Heather Desanto

Joan Esneault

Zoya Puri

Jacqui Krum

Mark Krum

Samantha Hurley

Alysssa Hurley

William Hurley

Sandra Santos

Ednund Santos

Ed Santos

Emma Santos

Dave Polcari

Anna Polcari

Joe & Claire Mcgonagle

Mike McLaughlin

John Hanlon

Angelica Quintanilla

Michael Stewart

Philip Spaulding

Ron Cochran

Lisa Carberry

Mary Polcari

LouAnne Zawodny

Shelsea Jocelyn

Jillian & Steven Kramer

Brendan Pyburn

Fabio Lalgner

Marines Lalgner

Emily Lalgner

Theresa Hernandez

David Butler

Alyssa Butler

Dan O’Donnell

Maciej Pacula

Lisa Pontoriero

Michael Gray

Aiden Gray

Robert Hall

Valeria Rodriguez

Beth Musser

Ben Musser

Julie Salvatoriello

Joseph Espositio

Carson Tony

James Gabriel

Aliza Vaida

Joseph Basteri

Leanne Darrigo

Jim Storck

Fred Plette

Nikolas Sofronas

Richard Medeiros

Lucy DiNatale

Marcos Pienasola

Jacqueline Oliveira

Gabriel Piensola

Rafael Piensola

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