Everett Mayor DeMaria Statement_Wynn Boston Harbor Project

Good Afternoon,

Please see below a statement from Mayor DeMaria on the Wynn Boston Harbor Project:

“There’s a grander vision here than just a casino,” Mayor DeMaria said. “We are planning for a whole new district in the city of Everett that can generate a lot of great jobs. The Wynn Corporation has demonstrated it can partner with us to fulfill that vision.

I am deeply concerned that a new owner would not honor that vision and could have plans that fall far short of what we want to see happen- a complete transformation of an area that had been blighted, contaminated, and underutilized before the Wynn development team arrived.

As I have said before, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission must finish its suitability investigation as quickly and efficiently as possible so that we can move forward as a city with the largest private construction projects in this state’s history.

I am encouraged the Commission has begun the process of removing Mr. Wynn as a qualifier and a participant in the gaming license. I believe that anyone else who is found unsuitable as a result of their process should also be removed so we can move forward on this project. This high-performing organization of 27,000 employees worldwide is the right partner for us, right now, and I want their work to continue on in Everett.”

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