New Properties To Be Added To Local Historic Resources Inventory

Arlington’s Historic and Cultural Resources Working Group (HCRWG), which includes members of the Arlington Historical Society, Historical Commission, Historic Districts Commission, and Master Plan Implementation Committee, is in the process of updating the Inventory of Historically or Architecturally Significant Properties in the Town of Arlington.  The Inventory is a list of historically significant properties that are 50 years or older, and is used to provide property owners and other stakeholders with accurate information about historic properties when making decisions about building materials, architectural landscapes, and contributing elements of historic districts.  Currently, a considerable portion of the Inventory’s information is outdated, and there are a number of eligible properties which have not yet been included in the Inventory.

In coordination with the Massachusetts Historical Commission and the project consultant, JM Goldson Community Preservation + Planning, the Historic and Cultural Resources Working Group recently finalized a list of over 130 additional properties to add to the Inventory.  The properties are residential and primarily located in the vicinity of Arlington High School.  JM Goldson will be conducting neighborhood site visits and additional research in order to develop official Inventory forms for each of the properties, which will also be used to update the Massachusetts Cultural Resource Information System.

This project is being funded by a $15,000 Survey and Planning Grant, which was awarded by the Massachusetts Historical Commission to the town of Arlington in early 2017, and with funding from Arlington’s Community Preservation Committee.  The Community Preservation Committee also provided funding for subsequent phases of this project, which will include adding more properties to the Inventory and the completion of an Historic Structure Report for the Arlington High School building.

For more information about this process, please contact Nat Strosberg, Senior Planner in Arlington’s Department of Planning and Community Development:

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