Tyngsborough Police Offer Hunting Safety Tips After Vehicles Struck by Errant Rounds

TYNGSBOROUGH — Chief Richard D. Howe and the Tyngsborough Police Department wish to remind hunters to exercise extreme caution and be mindful of state law when hunting in town after two incidents over the weekend.

On Dec. 9, Tyngsborough Police responded to Cannongate Road for a report of vandalism to a motor vehicle, a shattered car window. On Dec. 11, police returned to that location when the owner of the vehicle and a person she had called to repair the window discovered a shotgun slug lodged inside the frame near the passenger side window.

On Dec. 10, an officer was dispatched to A.S.A.P. Fire and Safety Corporation on Progress Avenue for a report that a company van had been damaged. Upon arrival, the officer observed that both the driver’s side and passenger side rear window’s had been damaged and that it appeared something had entered one window, traveled through the vehicle and exited through the other window. It is believed that the damage was caused by a bullet, however one was not located.

There were no injuries as a result of either of the incidents.

The incidents remain under investigation, but Tyngsborough Police have reason to believe that the damage in both cases was caused by errant shots from hunters’ firearms. Massachusetts Environmental Police are assisting with the investigation.

Tyngsborough Police ask that hunters familiarize themselves with state and local laws regarding hunting. To read the town hunting town bylaw, click here.

“These errant hunting shots are completely unacceptable, and it’s extremely fortunate that nobody was hurt in any of these cases,” Chief Howe said. “Our officers are actively investigating each of these incidents, but I want to remind hunters of the critical obligation they have to be considerate of the safety of others while they are hunting.”

Hunters should observe the following safety protocols at all times:

• Always positively identify your target and never shoot in the direction of sounds or movements

• Maintain a significant distance from roads, buildings and populated areas, and never fire in the direction of those areas

• Remain aware of what is beyond your target

• Wear clothing that will help you remain visible to others

• Don’t touch the trigger until you are ready to shoot

• Treat all firearms as if they are loaded

Anyone who believes they may have information about these incidents is asked to contact Tyngsborough Police at 978-649-7504.

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