Mayor Carlo DeMaria is pleased to announce the expansion of the popular initiative, Cop’s Corner, in all Everett Public Schools. The Mayor, along with Chief Mazzie and members of the Everett Police Department Impact Team are visiting schools throughout the City to speak with 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students about the program.

Cop’s Corner supports positive public interaction and encourages students to speak with officers on any concerns that they may have. The initiative aims to establish long-term, real connections between youth, law enforcement, and distinguished members of our community. This program’s goals are to foster trust and positive relationships to help students grow into responsible and successful members of the community.

Mayor DeMaria stated, “Emotions are contagious. When we treat students and adults with respect, they’re much more likely to do the same to others. However, to promote respectful schools, we need to do much more. A foundation for respectful schools is to measure—and, thus, publicly recognize—how we treat one another and then use this information to create safer and more supportive, engaging, challenging, and joyful schools. By doing so, we can reinvigorate our community and encourage students to better understand the world in which they live—and their role in improving it.”

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