Boston BCYF Now Recruiting for 2017-18 Youth Advisory Committee


Boston–Boston high school students are invited to apply to Boston Centers for Youth & Families’ (BCYF) Youth Advisory Committee (YAC). Established in September of 2014, the BCYF Youth Advisory Committee serves as an advisory board to identify, discuss and inform BCYF leadership on youth issues and programming. The purpose of the Committee is to instill members with the knowledge, skills and confidence to work in cooperation with BCYF to best serve the needs and expectations of Boston’s youth and to empower them to make positive change in their community.


BCYF operates 36 facilities across Boston. The bulk of programs and activities at the community centers are youth-focused so the BCYF Youth Advisory Committee has a role in shaping what the centers offer for young people.


As a BCYF YAC member, youth will:

· Represent their BCYF community center;
· Discuss issues affecting youth in their community, and offer positive solutions;
· Work in collaboration with youth from across Boston;
· Inform BCYF on youth programming needs;
· Participate in community service projects.

The BCYF YAC serves as a link between City government and youth by identifying issues affecting youth, addressing community concerns, and designing action plans to foster change. The YAC serves as a means for youth to have a voice in shaping the quality of life in Boston while engaging in various activities and service projects in the community. This year, YAC members volunteered with the American Red Cross Food Pantry as well as helped set up and support a variety of BCYF events including hosting a charity basketball tournament. 
The deadline for completed applications is Friday, September 22. The application can be found at Boston.Gov/BCYF.

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