We Support The Makayla Fund 

if your kids are playing sports in junior high or high school program anytime this year in Massachusetts please read: 
The Makayla Fund was started by my wife Kellie and I along with the support of our family & friends not to memorialize Makayla’s death but to do something special and help the community in her name. The Makayla Fund Scholarship was created to assist anyone who needs a little help in paying for sports tuition or help with buying new equipment or other fees they may occur from a Jr high or high school sport. We also sponsor and pay for suicide awareness training for local Jr High Schools and High Schools


The Makayla Fund wants to show kids how sports can help build their self esteem and how the funds can help lift burdens off of the families who need just a little help in their lives. 


These days kids have several avenues that they use to communicate with their piers and see what is going on with the world. They get distracted and lose focus what is real and what is created over the internet. High School athletics is real and is a vehicle to teach our children responsibility, team work, companionship, independence, character, and most importantly self esteem. The Makayla fund would like to offer our assistance to families, students and their children to make life enjoyable and just a little easier.  


We want to open this scholarship to everyone even if you have a really nice job that pays well. We all know sometimes we all may run into hard times (Kids starting college, car breaks down, unaccounted for bills) and don’t qualify for school programs. We have granted over $46,000.00 in scholarships to 60 students including 3 teams since we started in September 2013.


Please take advantage of this great opportunity, its their for you. All we ask is that the Jr. high or high school student athletes complete a short essay describing why sports has played an important part in their lives and how it has effected their self esteem.
Deadline for scholarship is August 11, 2017 – Any applications after this date may not be reviewed. 


Please Note:
The Makayla Fund is opening to all High School and Junior High school teams at this point. This year we are offering scholarships to club (Outside School) or team sports outside of public or private school systems if they are in seventh through twelfth grade as well. 
Scholarship Application can be found at:
Essay Topic(s)
Please attach an essay from the student about 
“How sports have helped or inspired you” 
“What life skills have you learned from playing sports?”.
All individual winners will remain anonymous, only the school and sport will be displayed
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Thank you 
Tim Guerriero
The Makayla Fund 

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