Melrose-July 27 workshop focuses on local support of environmental protection 


If you are frustrated by the lack of environmental stewardship shown by the president and his administration, take heart. There are many steps that can be taken at the local and state levels to offset these actions.


The Melrose Energy Commission and Sierra Club of Massachusetts are holding a workshop on Thursday, July 27, to help local residents learn how they can lend support to programs that support sustainable practices, clean energy and renewables. This program, which is free and open to the public, runs from 6:30-8:30 p.m. and will be held at the Milano Family Senior Center, 201 West Foster St.


“Because we don’t expect much support for the environment from the Trump administration, we are emphasizing the importance of getting active at the local and state level,” said Kevin O’Brien, Community Outreach Coordinator for Massachusetts Sierra Club.


“For example, Trump announced the withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord but Massachusetts and several other states said they will still uphold the terms, and that is because of the leadership shown here locally. Local action is the key.”


The workshop will include presentations by Emily Norton of Sierra Club and Melrose resident Eugenia Gibbons, Clean Energy Programs Director for the Mass Energy Consumer’s Alliance. They will provide important information about state-level clean energy bills under consideration on Beacon Hill, and offer advice on how to encourage elected officials to advocate for this legislation.


For a summary of these bills, visit


A main theme will center on the Renewable Portfolio Standard, a state-level law that requires utilities to put additional renewable energy onto the grid every year. Raising this standard is a key tool in accelerating the state’s transition to renewable energy.


“Communities like Melrose have demonstrated that Massachusetts has long been a clean energy leader, showing what’s possible with efficiency and renewables,” said Gibbons. “This workshop is a great opportunity to learn how individual engagement can help influence decision-making at the State House.”


“This includes strategies for accelerating clean energy development here and across the region, because doing so will not only result in environmental gains, but will also yield consumer and economic benefits, too.”


For additional information, contact the Melrose Energy Commission at or 781-662-2616.


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