LUPUS WALK THIS WEEKEND – Malden Resident Ms. Alvarez Overcomes Challenges and Aims To Educate

Lupus is not only twice as common in Latina women than Caucasian women, but Latinas with lupus tend to develop the disease earlier in their lives and have more complications. And, a Malden woman is combatting these odds. She’s calling for all Hispanic women to listen to their bodies – if she hadn’t, she may still be living without a diagnosis, without treatment. On June 3 at DCR’s Baxter Park, Mirian Alvarez plans to join hundreds of Bostonians for Walk With Us To Cure Lupus to help raise awareness and funds to this challenging illness, and wants her story heard.

Mirian experienced such severe joint pain that she couldn’t unbutton her own clothes or tie her own shoes and her fatigue was so severe that even after 10 hours of sleep, she still felt exhausted. And, her doctor wanted to diagnose her with only Runner’s Knee. And, when she researched it and told others about her diagnosis, she uncovered myths as many of her loved ones misunderstood Lyme to be a form of cancer, or thought symptoms only involved joint pain. And, many people she meets consistent question her disease because “she looks fine.” 


Mirian is available to discuss her illness, the frustrating way she was diagnosed, the myths she’s had to dispel among her journey, and her participation in the upcoming walk.



Lupus Research Alliance Walk

DCR’s Baxter Park At Assembly Row, Somerville, MA 02145

Registration: 9:00 am

Walk Start: 10:00 am



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