Medford Tech Students Inducted Into National Technical Honor Society


Pictured Left to Right: Martha McCarthy, Advisor, Shawn Driscoll-Gomez, Michaela Maunsell, Alana Manning, Anna Caroline De Araujo Retich, Lisa Berube, Advisor/Cooperative Education Director, and Dr. Heidi T. Riccio, Principal/Director, MTHS

Yesterday, students from the Medford Technical High School were inducted into the National Technical Honor Society. This honor society provides well deserved recognition, as well as, scholarship and career opportunities, to students who excel in one of the career and technical educational fields as their profession. According to the NTHS website; “The growing demand to fill jobs requiring technical training is one of the hottest topics headlining current news. An article published in Forbes “America’s Skilled Trades Dilemma: Shortages Loom As Most In-Demand Group of Workers Ages” demonstrates the need to support career and technical education. Through its scholarships, NTHS encourages students to pursue higher education and training in technical fields and supports members in their lifelong commitment to a skilled trade.”

According to Advisor Lisa Berube, “NTHS has over 80,000 members nationwide and in 2017, over $250,000 in scholarships were awarded to NTHS/CTE students across the country.”


The MTHS students who were inducted today include: Shawn Driscoll-Gomez, Gr. 11, Early Education & Care; Alana Manning, Gr. 11, Marketing/Business Technology; Michaela Maunsell, Gr. 12, Cosmetology; and Anna Carolline Retich DeAraujo, Gr 11, Cosmetology. Missing from photo: Saraina Antoine, Gr. 11, Health Assisting. At graduation, these students will wear a special sash along with their graduation gown.






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