Cambridge Compact Workshop Brings Together Energy Efficiency Programs and Incentives for Multi-Family Buildings


The Cambridge Compact for a Sustainable Future recently organized an educational workshop on strategies to achieve cost savings through energy efficiency upgrades and renewable energy in multi-family buildings. Co-hosted by the City of Cambridge and Homeowner’s Rehab Inc., the workshop provided information about incentive programs available for heating, lighting, air sealing and insulation retrofits that result in financial savings and improved comfort levels for occupants.


Cambridge and Eversource, a sponsor of Mass Save, announced the Cambridge Multi-Family Energy Pilot, a program that offers multi-family building owners access to no-cost energy efficiency and solar assessments. The pilot will connect interested owners with representatives from the Cambridge Energy Alliance and Eversource to provide a streamlined energy assessment process and help building owners make informed decisions about energy upgrades. To learn more about the incentives, and the new pilot program or schedule your building for a multi-family assessment call 800-594-7277 or visit
Representatives from Mass Save, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, New Ecology, WegoWise, and Zapotec Energy Inc. presented case studies and answered questions on how energy and water management tools could benchmark properties, measure results of retrofits, and track data to identify problems. To view a recording of the presentations visit


For information on the Cambridge Compact visit or email Veena Dharmaraj at


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