Medford:MHS/MTHS Celebrates Diversity Week


Last week, Medford High School and the Medford Technical High School, celebrated Diversity Week.

All activities were free and open to all. Diversity Week was co-hosted by Mr. Michael Skorker and his Diversity and Community Enrichment class, along with support from the Center for Citizenship and Social Responsibility. Upon entering the building, students were greeted by The City’s Flag of Nations posted throughout the main hallway of Medford High School. In addition, there was a world map posted on a bulletin board that asked all who entered, to post a thumb tack on the country or countries that they identify most with. 

The week began with a Trans Speaker Panel which was hosted by the Gay-Straight Alliance on Monday. Over 25 students were in attendance. On Tuesday, the Black Student Union hosted the movie Hidden Figures and over 30 attended the screening. 

On Wednesday, (18) clubs and organizations, both located within the school, as well as, within the city, (Team Medford and the City of Medford’s Diversity Office), and the Office of Attorney General Maura Healey, hosted tables of information for the Informational Activity Fair, held during all the lunches on the Third Floor Overpass. Later that afternoon, the Interact Club hosted a potluck and discussion on stereotypes in Cafe 1. Over 40 students attended and participated in this important discussion. On Thursday, students were encouraged to wear clothes that celebrated their diversity. 

According to Mr. Skorker, “Diversity Week is so important because it is an opportunity to celebrate our differences as individuals, but also acknowledge that we stand united as a community. As our slogan for the week stated, “We are one, but we are many”. In addition, Skorker said, “I feel the week was extremely successful because we offered a variety of cost-free activities for students both during and after school. It was a great way to showcase the unwavering spirit of our Mustang students.”

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