On Tuesday, February 14th, Mayor Carlo DeMaria and the City of Everett celebrated the American Nutrition Center’s (ANC) 20th Anniversary. Mayor DeMaria honored and showcased President Peter Morel and ANC’s hard work and achievements throughout the years.  


“The American Nutrition Center plays an important role in the Everett business community,” states Mayor DeMaria, “Individuals at ANC are willing to help our residents with any concerns or issues, as well as guide them in the right direction with their nutrition journey. I have known Peter for many years and he is well versed in the areas of fitness and sports nutrition. He has not only taught me a lot, but also my son, Carlo. So, on behalf of the City of Everett, I wish you the best and another successful 20 years.”


ANC is considered the #1 retail sport nutrition store for its various selection of products and fantastic customer service. ANC goes above and beyond to cater to its customers, beat competitor’s prices and give back to their customers with gifts after every purchase.


President Peter Morel has received numerous awards for his work and continues to share his fitness and nutrition knowledge with fellow employees and loyal customers.


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