Medford:MHS Students Shine At Massachusetts History Day Competition!



Last week, seven sophomore students from Medford High School took part in the Massachusetts History Day competition in Stoneham. Massachusetts History Day is a branch of the National History Day program. Each year National History Day selects a theme for students to explore in independent research. Students can produce a range of projects for the competition including, essays, performances, documentaries, websites and exhibits. The theme of this year’s competition was “Taking a Stand in History” and drew projects from students across the region.

Medford students Antonia Collins received an Honorable Mention in the Senior Historical Paper division for her essay “African Americans of West Medford” and Winston Standeven received an Honorable Mention in the Senior Individual Exhibit division for her project “Operation Cowboy.”

Medford High School students taking part were sophomores Jessica Taddeo, Christopher Walsh, Antonia Collins, Winston Standeven, Jack Egan, John Intoppa, and Maya Gomez-Coultas.

The Humanities Department is proud of the independent research of our students and the creative academic expression of their findinings, and for the thoughtful support of their social studies teachers Kevin Cullen, Matt Brophy, and John Skerry.

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