Medford Students Shine At Annual Boston Globe Scholastic Art & Writing Awards!



“These awards are part of a proud tradition by The Boston Globe and the Globe Foundation of honoring and encouraging a new generation of young, artistic talent in Massachusetts,” said Linda Pizzuti Henry, the Globe’s managing director.

Lesley Davison, director of the regional program, said about 18,000 pieces were submitted this year — 15,000 for visual art and 3,000 for writing. Divided into 29 categories, the submissions were judged by professionals in both fields for the chance to receive Gold Key, Silver Key, or honorable mention awards. Gold Key winners, move on to the national competition.

Medford Public School Winners are listed below


 McGlynn Middle School: Elise Turner (HM, SK).

Medford High School: Carly Roy (HM), Daria Agrba (HM), Georgia Bowder-Newton (HM), Kylie Truong (HM), Laura Pladziewicz (HM), Wendy Vong (HM).


McGlynn Middle School: Manuel Magayanes (HM), Emily Gaddy (SK), Prabidhi Rana (SK), Samerawit Takele (SK).

Medford High School: Qing Cheng (2HM), Isabelle Bezerra (GK), Isidora Martin (GK), Margaret Tseng (GK), Elizabeth Carey (HM), Antonia Collins (HM), Stella Eliopoulos (HM), Nicholas Hollings (HM), C. Keenan (HM), Ilana Kornblit (HM), Evan Liao (HM), Kyle Nease (HM), Ethyn Ngo (HM), Zack Paolillo (HM), Lauren Parziale (HM), Mikhayla Rothermel (HM), Georgia Bowder-Newton (HM, GK), Andrea Arellano (SK), Maria Carmona (SK), Jessica Dossantos (SK), Michael Fenn (SK), Karla Flores (SK), Phaidra Martin (SK).

Additional details on Medford students’ winning entries can be found here.

The program has also partnered with the City of Boston and Mayor Martin J. Walsh to host an exhibition of the Gold Key work from March 11-26 at the Bruce C. Bolling Municipal Building, in Roxbury. All are welcome!

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