Maynard Police Investigate After Construction Nail Gun Shells Are Found in Fowler School Bathroom

No Danger to Community

MAYNARD — Chief Mark W. Dubois reports that the Maynard Police Department is investigating after shell casings from a construction nail gun were found in a girls bathroom at the Fowler School on Thursday.
During the morning, a student in a physical education class found what appeared to be empty shell casings in a plastic clip. She immediately reported the findings to her teacher and said that the casings were inside the holes of a cinder block at the top of a wall in the bathroom.
The teacher notified Principal Sharon Seyller who called Maynard Police Detective Christopher Sweeney, the department’s school liaison. Detective Sweeney determined that the shells were not from any kind of firearm but rather originated in a powder actuated nail gun commonly used by construction workers to fasten items to concrete. 
The shells were spent, and there was no explosive powder remaining in the shells. 
While there has not been any recent construction work in the building, officials believe that the shells may have been left in the cinder block holes 15 years ago when the building was constructed. 
The shells were removed, and school and police officials do not believe there is any danger to the community or any criminal intent in this instance.
“The safety and security of children at school is paramount for the Maynard Police Department,” Chief Dubois said. “Thankfully, this appears to be nothing more than the careless disposal of construction debris. We are grateful to the student who immediately came forward upon making this discovery.”
Chief Dubois and Superintendent Dr. Robert J. Gerardi, Jr. have also been in contact about the incident.
There was no disruption to the school day, and classes went on as scheduled Thursday.

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