Everett will continue to move ahead with many projects in 2017


On Monday, January 9th, Mayor Carlo DeMaria welcomed the City Council, dignitaries, and residents to Everett City Hall where he delivered his 2017 State of the City Address. The Mayor focused on the accomplishments of 2016 and the positive direction the City is heading. He emphasized that Everett is a safer city, a more educated city, and a city where businesses are investing and creating jobs. In addition, Everett is city with a strong, effective public school system and a city that communities across the nation look to for ideas and inspiration.


The Mayor highlighted certain events that will make 2016 a year to remember including; the first payment issued by Wynn Boston Harbor of $5 million, Everett being named one of the top ten places to live in Massachusetts by the Boston Globe, home values increasing by record amounts, and the City providing $8 million in tax relief to residents. The highlights continued in 2016 with the launching of a designated bus lane down Broadway, the only of its kind in Massachusetts outside of Boston, breaking ground on the first hotel in Everett, receiving national awards for the city’s work to improve children’s health, Mayor DeMaria naming the first female Veterans Service Officer, and the Village Business District thriving, with the expansion and opening of breweries.


Mayor DeMaria stated, “We will continue to move ahead with so many projects at an aggressive pace in 2017, because I am not yet satisfied. We have before us the opportunity of a lifetime, the opportunity to transform in a short period of time into a vibrant, healthy, and sustainable city that will serve as a national model of urban revitalization. We will build a city where prosperity can be achieved by all of our residents, where hard work will pave the way to a secure economic future for a person and his or her family.”


The Mayor emphasized his administration’s continued efforts for 2017 to grow businesses in Everett and attract new ones, perhaps in advanced manufacturing. Looking to the future, the Mayor envisions incubator space and start-ups in Everett Square to foster the ambitions of creative and entrepreneurial residents right here. The Mayor looks for Everett to become a destination city for visitors from abroad, visitors from across the country, and visitors from cities next door.


Mayor DeMaria stated, “I ask you all to join me in first envisioning, and then creating, a city where all residents have access to good jobs, where they can get the training they need to attain jobs right here in Everett that pay them a living wage- a wage that allows them to buy a home instead of renting, or to save for their children’s college education. The beauty of this vision is that we can do it, and we will do it together.”


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