Essex County Sheriff Seeking Two Inmates Who Walked Away from Lawrence Correctional Alternative Center

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LAWRENCE — Essex County Sheriff Frank G. Cousins Jr. reports that the Essex County Sheriff’s Office is seeking to capture two inmates who walked away from the minimum security Lawrence Correctional Alternative Center Wednesday
MANUEL PEREZ, AGE 22, OF PUERTO RICO, is a pretrial inmate who faces motor vehicle theft charges. 
LEVI MONTALVO, AGE 23, OF PUERTO RICO, is also a pretrial inmate who faces charges in connection with the violation of a 209A Abuse Prevention Order 
Both inmates have family connections in the City of Lawrence.
PEREZ has several tattoos on his left and right hands and forearms including the Puerto Rican flag on his right hand. MONTALVO has tattoos of skulls on his abdomen, back, and left arm. 
Both inmates were reported missing as of 2 p.m. Wednesday. While they are not classified as violent offenders, the public is urged not to approach them if spotted as they may be dangerous.
If anyone has any information on the inmates’ whereabouts or knows where they are, they should call 978-750-1900 x3302. 

The Essex County Sheriff’s Department gained operational control of the Lawrence Correctional Alternative Center in April 1976. The facility sits on 13 acres bordered by the Merrimack River and interstate 495. The site is used as a pre-release facility to turn offenders with drug and alcohol addictions into productive members of society. It offers rehabilitation and educational services, work release programs, and community service programs. The facility does not allow violent felons or sex offenders. 

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