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On Wednesday, September 14th Mayor Carlo DeMaria, along with Senator Sal DiDomenico and Representative Joseph McGonagle met with Ann Houston, Executive Director of Neighborhood Developers to discuss opportunities to develop housing that is affordable to Everett residents.


Neighborhood Developers’ mission is to build vibrant and diverse neighborhoods with homes that are affordable to families with a mix of incomes, where people choose to invest in the social fabric, economic opportunities, and built environment. The Neighborhood Developers is a Community Development Corporation that believes that great neighborhoods empower people to grow and prosper.


Mayor DeMaria, Senator DiDomenico, and Representative McGonagle want to ensure that all Everett residents can afford to stay in Everett. This meeting comes after a proposal that the Mayor introduced last week to the City Council to establish an inclusionary zoning ordinance in Everett, which will encourage the development of affordable housing across our community. The proposal was unanimously approved by the City Council and sent to the planning board.


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