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This week, all Medford High School/Medford Vocational Technical High School Athletes will take part in … Concussion Awareness Week, in partnership with the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association, the Massachusetts Concussion management Coalition, the Concussion Legacy Foundation and the Dr. Robert Cantu Concussion Center. All MHS/MVTHS athletes will take the #TT Pledge to be healthier and smarter athletes!

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“WHAT IS THINKTAYLOR? Taylor Twellman played for the New England Revolution Professional Soccer Team. ThinkTaylor was created in 2011 after Taylor was forced to retire from his all-star MLS career, when he was faced with post-concussion syndrome. He was scared and frightened about what he was hearing and reading. He made it his mission to make sure kids, parents, coaches and everyone else who has eyes on youth sports is properly educated. He founded ThinkTaylor, a foundation that is driven and dedicated to changing the culture in the world of concussions. ThinkTaylor’s positive message emphasizing awareness, rehabilitation and education is putting the health of kids first and creating a positive social change and in return a safer, healthier and smarter environment.

ThinkTaylor’s main initiative is Concussion Awareness Week in MA, in partnership with Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA). ThinkTaylor’s color orange was chosen by Taylor, the color of healing. Every athlete (86k+ student athletes) takes part in the week where they raise awareness for concussion safety, receive education and learn to be supportive of anyone with a concussion.”

“QUESTION: Why is it important to recognize and respond properly to a suspected concussion?


1. Not giving the brain enough recovery time after a concussion can be dangerous. A repeat concussion that occurs before the brain recovers from the first concussion can slow recovery or increase the chances for long-term problems.

2. You can’t see a concussion like you can a broken bone, but it is a disruption of how the brain works and a serious issue.

3. While rare, permanent brain damage and death are two potential consequences of not identifying and responding to a concussion in a proper or timely manner.”

“Each athlete will receive an orange bag tag. It will remind the athlete of the pledge and of concussion symptoms. As the ThinkTaylor Foundation states, we have only one brain and it needs to last lifetime”, said Bob Maloney, Medford’s Athletic Director.

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