Waltham Man Pleads Guilty to Wife’s 2014 Murder

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WOBURN – Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan and Waltham Chief of Police Keith MacPherson have announced that Julio Resto, 52, of Waltham, pled guilty today in Middlesex Superior Court to second degree murder in connection with the December 31, 2014 death of his wife, 42-year-old Gloria Resto of Waltham. Judge Elizabeth Fahey sentenced the defendant to life in prison. Judge Fahey also sentenced the defendant to 25 years probation to run concurrent with the murder sentence on seven counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, and ordered the defendant to have no contact with the victim’s two sons and to not profit from his crimes.


“The defendant in this case was angry at the victim who had recently asked him to move out of their shared home following tension in the relationship that had escalated around Christmas Day,” said District Attorney Ryan. “On New Year’s Eve, that anger led the defendant to violently attack his wife. The attack cost Gloria Resto her life and left two boys without their mother.” 


“The defendant today accepted responsibly for the death of his wife, Gloria Resto, which we hope will bring comfort to the victim’s two sons, her family and her friends,” said Chief MacPherson. “I would like to thank the Waltham Police Department, the State Police assigned to the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office and the prosecutors for their hard work and dedication to bringing a resolution to this case.”


On December 31, 2014 at approximately 5:11 a.m., the Waltham Police Department received a request on the 911 line to perform a well-being check on Clocktower Drive, in Waltham, the residence that the defendant and his wife shared. While officers were en route to that residence, the defendant walked into the lobby of the Waltham Police Department. He was armed with a large knife. He was banging the knife against the glass window of the police operations section of the department and calling out to the officers. The defendant then walked out of the police station, still holding the knife. The officers who were inside of the police station called for additional officers to come to the police station to assist with this situation. 


When the defendant walked out of the police station, he proceeded to walk onto Lexington Street, still holding the knife. Officers called for the defendant to drop the knife, instead, he walked toward the officers armed with the knife and asked them to kill him repeating phrases including, “Shoot me! I have nothing to live for! I just killed my wife!” multiple times. When officers tried to place Resto under arrest, he lunged at them multiple times. Despite persistent attempts by the defendant to inflict injury on the officers, authorities from both Waltham and Watertown Police were ultimately able to deescalate the situation and subdue the defendant.


An autopsy performed on January 1, 2015 revealed that Gloria Resto had sustained approximately 21 stab wounds to the head, neck, torso and extremities. 


The prosecutor assigned to this case was Assistant District Attorney Nicole Allain. The Victim Witness Advocate was Anne Foley.


This case was investigated by Massachusetts State Police, the Waltham Police Department and the Watertown Police Department.

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