Arlington Police Officers Complete Scenario-based Training Program

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Arlington Police Officer Michael Hogan talks to an impaired motorist during one of the simulations offered by the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office Mobile Training Center (MTC). (POOL Photo: Nancy Lane/Boston Herald
ARLINGTON — Police Chief Frederick Ryan and Middlesex Sheriff Peter J. Koutoujian report that the men and women of the Arlington Police Department are this week completing interactive, scenario-based firearms training utilizing the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office Mobile Training Center (MTC).
The MTC allows police officers to experience a series of realistic, interactive scenarios where officers are required to make split-second decisions and where they can practice utilizing communication skills to de-escalate hostile situations.
“These vital training simulations focus on communication, de-escalation techniques and realism. When a police officer draws his or her service weapon, it is indicative of a critical moment in their life and the lives of everyone involved in a situation. Everything we can do to put officers in a realistic situation makes them more prepared to face and hopefully diffuse a volatile situation,” Chief Ryan said. “The MTC is one of the best training resources we have, and we have it right here in Middlesex County thanks to Sheriff Koutoujian.”
“The MTC allows officers to work through a range of realistic scenarios, including traffic stops, domestic disputes and situations in which individuals are displaying signs of being in crisis,” said Sheriff Koutoujian. “Most importantly, it requires officers to call on the totality of their training and experience, in an attempt to peacefully resolve the situations. In all scenarios, a heavy emphasis is placed on effective communication. We are proud to be able to make this important training tool available to our local law enforcement colleagues and I thank Chief Ryan for his continued partnership.”
The MTC was purchased by the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office with federal grant funds in 2010, and more than 30 law enforcement agencies have put officers through training. It was first used by members of the Arlington Police Department in 2010 and was last utilized last summer. It is the only such training resource in Massachusetts, and it is available to all law enforcement agencies in Middlesex County. 
The unit is in Arlington through Thursday, when it will move on to the next community.
On Wednesday, members of the Arlington and Boston news media were given their first-ever inside tour of the MTC. Reporters watched as Arlington Police Officer Michael Hogan went through a number of training scenarios, including a drunk driving stop, a call for a suspicious person, and an active shooter scenario involving two armed suspects.

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