Pepperell Police Use Taser to Subdue Suspect Allegedly Attempting to Break into Homes

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PEPPERELL – Chief David Scott reports that the Pepperell Police Department arrested a man for allegedly breaking into homes and that officers were forced to deploy their Taser weapons to subdue the out of control suspect.
As a result, BRIAN DAMOURAS, AGE 26, OF PEPPERELL was arrested and charged with:
• Attempted Burglary

• Malicious Destruction of Property, over $250

• Assault

• Resisting Arrest

On Thursday, June 2, 2016 at approximately 1:38 a.m., Pepperell Police were called to a Heald Street residence for a breaking and entering in progress. The homeowner reported that a subject, later identified as DAMOURAS, had knocked on his front door about 30 minutes ago, claiming that his vehicle broke down in front of the home. The homeowner advised him it was okay to leave it there and DAMOURAS left. About 30 minutes later, the homeowner’s son was awakened by the sounds of someone trying to break into the back door. The door was damaged and its glass was shattered. The same man, DAMOURAS, was standing by the door. When the homeowner stated that he was calling the police, DAMOURAS fled. 
Upon arrival at the residence, Pepperell officers located DAMOURAS at the door of another residence across the street. He was allegedly trying to gain entry into that home as well. DAMOURAS was in an agitated state and was ordered to the ground by police, but instead lunged at Officer Steven Burke, attacking him. Officer Burke deployed his electronic control weapon, commonly known as a “Taser,” and the suspect went down. DAMOURAS was taken into custody without further incident.
“The successful conclusion of this incident represents the latest example of police officers effectively utilizing an electronic control weapon to not only protect themselves, but to prevent potential injury to a suspect.” Chief Scott said. “Prior to Tasers, this incident would have likely ended with an injury to the officer or the suspect, or both.”
Officer Burke is one of Pepperell’s Taser instructors. “Officer Burke is very familiar with the proper function and operation of the Taser system,” Chief Scott said. 
DAMOURAS was held pending arraignment at Ayer District Court. 

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