Boston News Group Special Person of the Week Gary P. DeCicco

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Gary P. DeCicco is a Melrose native and a Melrose High School graduate who now resides in Winthrop Massachusetts. 

He’s an everyday regular guy in this wonderful state of ours who really cares about his fellow neighbors and wants to make a difference to make this world a better place.  
Gary started looking for a way to make a difference in this world by speaking to support groups about his own family’s life and the years of addiction that were surrounding his love ones and fellow students for years growing up in the city. 

Gary is the founder and is in the middle of establishing “Addiction in Our World”, a new group that he is started as well as recently became a recovery coach and frequently attends Public Health meetings at various city Halls anti-addiction centers. 

He never thought that he would be a community activist but he cared enough about people using drugs and their families and wanted them to know that they are not alone.

Recovery is possible. Stigma is huge so many may not ask for help , so he has arranged for a commentary and “Drug abuse Assistance Help ad” here in this very news publication every week with services that are available throughout the state and has started a local campaign against drugs to be publicize in various other news sites and newspapers as well. 

Gary has most recently partnered a relationship with The Somerville News Weekly to reach out to the hundreds of thousands of people that may need the help and find the road to recovery 
Gary is putting the word out and wants all to realize that “You matter, and our loved ones that have past mattered.” He also stated that “He does this because it is rewarding and it helps him heal and that he believes in recovery and you!”
Gary also gets involved in many charitable events across the many cities in Massachusetts especially by volunteering his time, countless hours and effort to make a difference with the Somerville Lions Club for the past six years in helping the club raise money to find a cure for blindness and people who are in need of our help. 

We here at the Boston News Group salute you for everything that you do to make Massachusetts a better place. 

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