Everett:MassDEP Celebrates ‘National Drinking Water Week’ by Presenting 45 Recipients with a 2016 Public Water Systems Award

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On May 3rd the City of Everett Water Department was one of 45 communities to receive the 2016 Public Water System Award from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection as part of “National Drinking Water Week” (May 1-7).


The City of Everett was selected in the category of Consecutive Community Systems.

“Drinking Water Week is an excellent opportunity to thank those workers who, throughout the year, have served diligently to deliver a safe, reliable water supply to the residents of the Commonwealth,” said Governor Charlie Baker. “Small or large, all of these systems are critical to the health and well-being of the public.”

“The Commonwealth knows well the importance of water, as well as the value, importance and fragility of our state’s water resources,” said Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito. “The municipalities and MassDEP are constantly working in close cooperation to ensure that drinking water utilities deliver consumers a potable water supply that meets all federal and state standards.”

“The tasks facing state drinking water programs and public water systems continue to be extremely challenging, but we recognize how critical they are to public health and the vitality of our economy,” said EEA Secretary Matthew Beaton. “The drinking water infrastructure presents us with some daunting resource demands, but these awards are a means of noting how some of those have not only met that challenge, but done exemplary work to maintain our public water systems.”

“We are fortunate to have water systems that work to provide the safe and consistent supply of drinking water we all depend on when we open the tap each day,” said MassDEP Commissioner Martin Suuberg, who served as the event’s keynote speaker. “Large or small, we acknowledge all the work these systems do, and today, we recognize some of these systems for their exemplary efforts.”

“I am proud and honored that our Water Department has received such a prestigous award. The work they do everyday is critical to the health and safety of all our residents,” said Mayor Carlo DeMaria. “I also want to acknowledge the hard work and sacrifices that it took so many years ago to build one of the best water systems in the country.”  

The primary source of drinking water for Everett and 40 Boston-area communities is the Quabbin Resevior located in the central Massachusetts community of Belchertown. The Quabbin holds 412 billion gallons of water and covers 39 square miles, making it one of the largest manmade public water supplies in the United States. Its creation in the 1930s entailed relocating the population of the Swift River Valley and dismantling hundreds of homes and businesses, a state highway, a railroad line, and cemeteries. The state then constructed two huge earthen dams, and four communities were flooded by the three branches of the Swift River and the Ware River.

MassDEP initially began issuing water systems awards in 1986 as a way to acknowledge the many dedicated professionals for their accomplishments in maintaining consistent and safe delivery of potable water to the residents of the Commonwealth.


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