Boston Public Schools Statement in response to City Council letter about BPS water: 

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“Boston Public Schools (BPS) has noted the petition issued by the Boston City Council and the concerns expressed about water safety in our facilities. In the interest of continuing a transparent and deliberate process to ensure the safety of our students and staff, BPS remains committed to discussing the issues raised by the council. BPS continues to examine its policies relating to water and is implementing more frequent testing protocols to ensure the district’s water quality is exceeding the state standard.”  

On background:
Superintendent Chang has invited all members of the council to a meeting to discuss the operational structures of water sources throughout the district on May 18, 2016. 

At this meeting, Superintendent Chang and BPS leadership will focus on the proactive measures taken in April 2016 to test all 38 facilities with active water fountains— exceeding state testing standards—out of which four water fountains were found to have lead levels above the state standard of 15 ppb. All remaining 88 facilities do not have functioning water fountains, and rely on bottled water.

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