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Mayor Carlo DeMaria announced today that the City’s annual road and sidewalk rehabilitation program has begun The 2016 Citywide Roadway Rehabilitation Program includes full depth reclamation and/or pavement milling, hot mix asphalt paving, removing and resetting existing granite curbing, and installing of new granite curbing, constructing new cement concrete sidewalks and driveway aprons, constructing wheelchair ramps, minor drainage and sanitary sewer structure improvements, replacing roadway signing, new pavement marking. The 2016 program will utilize approximately $4,500,000 both City capital funds and State Aid Chapter 90 funding.


The City has implemented pavement management program to identify and prioritize deficient roadways to more efficiently expend funds. The prioritization is based on several factors such as the roadway’s average daily traffic, level of deterioration and the necessity for utility upgrades in advance of the roadway improvements. Utilizing a pavement management system the City has the ability to monitor the conditions of any given street and determine the best course of repair or maintenance. Using specialized software as well as visual mapping, City Services, Engineering and planning officials have the data to decide whether a street will need a full depth reconstruction, general milling and resurfacing or maintenance using a specialized sealant.


“My administration has made it a priority to continue to invest in our roadway infrastructure in order to provide a safe, efficient and well maintained transportation network and to keep pace with our growing City” Mayor DeMaria said.


The first round of streets includes Arlington Street from Ferry Street to Foster Street, Villa Avenue from Ferry Street to Foster Street, Summit Avenue from Broadway to McKinley, Stevenson Avenue from Broadway to McKinley, Hillside Avenue from Ferry Street to Reed Avenue, Franklin Street from Ferry Street to Reed Avenue, Union Avenue from Liberty Street to Norwood Street, Liberty Street from Bucknam Street to Norwood Street and Devens Street from Church Street to Union Avenue. Additional streets will be added over the construction season.



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