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For the past six weeks, the Columbus After School Program and the Willis Avenue After School Program have been working together with Salem artist Juleen Jones, owner of In Touch Artist Studio, to create a “rediscovering America” mural that will was installed today on a wall at the corner of Hicks Avenue and Main Street.   
About (30) kids, aged 8-16 years old, participated in the mural. “With a little instruction, it’s amazing what people create”, said Jones. She designed the mural and sketched it on a 20 ft by 50 ft piece of vinyl. “It’s like a big coloring book”, she said. The students were then able to paint the mural on the floor or on a table. The mural is unique for both the youth of its artists and the way it was installed, with a technique called “wrapping”. Juleen contacted her friend, Boston artist Nate Swain, who along with material from Boston Building Wraps installed the mural today. It can be placed over windows as it doesn’t block light. Wrapping murals is eco-friendly because the material used is actually an old vinyl advertisement. The Medford mural was once an ad for the footwear company, Puma.  
The mural was funded by the City of Medford and the Medford Arts Council. Special thanks to the following whose assistance helped make this mural a reality: Shelley Gross, Early Childhood and Afterschool Programs Director; Kathleen Kay, Principal, Columbus School; Brian Twomey, Director, Curtis-Tufts School; Laurel Siegal, CACHE; Melissa Deignan, Medford Public Schools; Mr. Buisier, owner of Peppi’s Auto Body, the Mayor’s Office and the Medford School Committee.  

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