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Recently, three students from Medford High School: Anderson Michelle, Kevin Pierre-Noel, and Prayad Tamang, were selected to attend the 2016 Biomedical Science Career Program Student Conference, which was held at The Westin Copley Place Boston.  

The goal of this conference is to provide under-represented students/fellows with an opportunity to network with advisor/role models from the basic and clinical sciences, medicine, public health, academia and the biopharmaceutical industry. These advisors/role models encourage students to complete advanced studies (beyond high school), and provide concrete advice and information on available resources for academic and professional opportunities. The second objective is to enable BSCP students/fellows to meet, inspire and network with one another.

Originally, this program was called the Science Career Program for ELL students. However, an MHS Alumnus, Class of 2008, Hawasatu Daumbuya, took it upon herself to advise this program which is now referred to as the Bio-Science Career Program. Hawasatu takes personal time from her studies as a graduate student at Brown University to meet with these students once a month. She serves as their mentor throughout their high school career and often post graduate, encouraging these students from multicultural backgrounds to pursue STEM college and career opportunities. It was developed by Hawasatu in conjunction with the ELL and Science departments at Medford High School and is sponsored by the Medford Educational Foundation, (MEF). Attendance at the conference was planned and organized by Ms. Dumbuya and the student entry fees were paid for with funds from the MEF.

BSCP was founded in 1991 by members of the Harvard Medical School Minority Faculty Development Program, the New England Board of Higher Education and the Massachusetts Medical Society to increase the representation of minorities in the biomedical and biotechnology fields. BSCP’s principal objectives are to identify, inform, support and provide mentoring for academically outstanding minority students/fellows, particularly African-American, Hispanic/Latino and American Indian/Alaska Native students/fellows from the six New England states and beyond. These students range from middle school to postdoctoral level. For additional please go to:

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