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On Thursday, April 7, 2016 from 3-5 PM in Cafeteria 1 of Medford High School, the World Café event titled “#SAYMORE: Real Talk about Class, Race and Religion”, will be presented. This collection of conversations will include students, faculty and community members. It will be student facilitated by members of Interact, Amnesty International, Gay/Straight Alliance, Indian Club, Arabic Club, Black Student Union, MPOWER, the Key Club and Medford Conversations.  

The World Café concept creates a safe place to facilitate round table discussions about relevant and meaningful topics to help better understand the perspectives of teens and adults in the Medford Community. The event will consist of (3) different rounds of dialogue regarding class, race and religion, along with artistic presentations to accent or illustrate these topics. The World Café presents an opportunity for teachers, students and community leaders to come together, outside the classroom, to discuss these topics that can be difficult, but are important to address in a safe and productive way.

Last year, World Café hosted conversations about school stress, substance abuse, gender stereotypes, diversity awareness and how to help a friend in need. According to Advisor, Amie Saulnier, “students especially feel these conversations provide invaluable ways to come together and strengthen the community as a whole”.

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