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This winter season, the Medford Vocational Technical High School’s (MVTHS) Culinary Arts Program has been very involved with the community. In late February, Culinary Arts hosted a luncheon for the Medford Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Monthly Meeting at Café Electra. In early March, the students prepared a Victorian High Tea service for Mr. Matt Brophy’s sophomore AP European History classes. Mr. Brophy’s students role-played Victorian era figures while enjoying pots of Assam black tea, finger sandwiches, and pastries. They did so, while discussing the historical events of the day. In addition, culinary students baked Apple and Blueberry Pies to help celebrate Pi Day with Ms. Jessica Hamerly’s math students.

Mr. Marco DiScipio, owner of American Tang Soo Do Karate studio on Salem Street, contracted with the MVTHS kitchen crew to provide a catered buffet and concession services for the annual American Tang Soo Do Association’s tournament held at the Medford High School Gym. Student chefs volunteered their weekend time and earned community service credit while experiencing real time food service pressure in this co-curricular activity.

Last Sunday, Culinary Arts assisted with the Annual Running of the Leprechauns 5K Road Race which benefits Boston Children’s Hospital. Kelly Catallo, the Race Director, asked if they would donate Irish Bread to help feed the runners after the race. On the post-race buffet were over (80) loaves of authentic Irish Soda Bread provided by MVTHS Culinary students.  

“It is important that the students work in partnership with the community, for it provides them with real work experience, as well as, involvement with the City at large”, said Robert Drobneck, MVTHS Culinary Instructor.


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