Hull Police Arrest Banned Driver for Using Stolen License Plates

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Deborah Letourneau
HULL — Acting Police Chief Robert C. Sawtelle reports that the Hull Police Department arrested a woman, whose license is suspended for life for at least five previous OUI convictions, after she was located driving around town today allegedly using someone else’s plates.
DEBORAH LETOURNEAU, AGE 51, OF HULL is charged with:
• Operation of a Motor Vehicle with a License Suspended for OUI

• Operating an Unregistered Motor Vehicle

• Operating an Uninsured Motor Vehicle

• Forgery/Misuse of an RMV Document

• Number Plate Violation

On March 18, around 12:30 p.m., an officer located LETOURNEAU, who is known to police and is known to have a 2010 lifetime license suspension, driving on Nantasket Avenue. 
The officer conducted a motor vehicle and subsequently arrested LETOURNEAU after verifying her identity and determining that the vehicle was unregistered, she was uninsured, and that the license plates she was using did not belong to her or the vehicle she was driving.
“This individual has been banned from operating a motor vehicle for the rest of her life, but she continues to show disregard for the law and for the safety of everyone around her by getting behind the wheel,” Chief Sawtelle said. “Her actions are a danger to herself and others on the road, and I am proud that our officers located her before anyone was hurt.”
LETOURNEAU was scheduled to be arraigned in Hingham District Court today.

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