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On Wednesday, February 24th, Mayor Carlo DeMaria joined with Reverend Myrlande G. Desrosiers and the Haitian Consulate, Sandra Cazir, for the grand opening of the Everett Haitian Community Center (EHCC) at 427A Broadway.


The EHCC is the first and only volunteer social welfare, social justice faith-based human rights, civil rights and anti-poverty Haitian-American organization situated in Massachusetts.


Thee EHCC was created to promote and strengthen the social and emotional well being of individuals and families in Everett and to help immigrants and refugees gain economic stability and fully participate in society.  
Mayor DeMaria thanked all those who work helping immigrants and refugees. “Your efforts to help with homelessness and housing challenges, your job training work and your advocacy promoting civic engagement are all critical to integrating families into the fabric of our community. As the old Haitian Proverb says, “Many hands make the load lighter.”


The Mayor was pleased to present a citation to Rev. Myrlande and the EHCC, and was honored to receive recognition from Governor Charlie Baker, for his commitment to their organization and to the event.


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