Double Barrell Comes To Famous Cantab Lounge In Cambridge

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From the late 80s to mid 90s, Double Barrell was a regular on the Boston Rock scene, playing Rock n Roll rumbles, clubs, and pretty much anywhere you could have a loud throwdown with music and friends. In 1995 DB disband after 8 years together, but the members all remained friends. 
Fast forward to 2012…
The five friends decided to test their musical chemistry again one summer afternoon. Although a bit rusty, the joy and excitement of playing together was still there. The songs, though dated, brought back the memories and sounds of a time gone by- when guitar driven Rock ruled the airwaves. After almost a year of rehearsing old songs and writing a couple of new ones, the boys in Double Barrell held a “one off” reunion show in May of 2013 in their hometown of Cambridge. A crowd of 80 strong proved the band was missed by it’s loyal following from almost two decades earlier. 
It was too hard to get off the roller coaster after only one show, so DB stuck together to continue to rehearse, write, and play a live show a couple times a year. But they noticed the scene had changed dramatically with local “Rock” music almost non existent and many of the clubs they played in the past, long since converted into condos or martini bars. This did not deter the band as they got some gigs on bills where they would be the heaviest band with the most showmanship. 
Hoping to bring attention to one of the great old school, hole-in-the-wall holdovers, on Friday March 25th, Double Barrell will play Club Bohemia which is the lower level Rock room under the famous Cantab Lounge in Cambridge, 738 Mass Ave. Tickets are $10 cash and doors open at 8pm with the band going on at 8:15. 21+ with valid ID. DON’T MISS IT!

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