Former Boy Scout Volunteer Sentenced in Connection with 2002 Sexual Assault

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WOBURN – Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan has announced that on December 29, 2015, William Noble, 50, of Lowell, a former Boy Scout volunteer, was sentenced in Lowell Superior Court, on charges related to the 2002 sexual assault of a child. Noble pled guilty to three counts of indecent assault and battery on a person under the age of 14 and one count of assault with intent to rape a child.


“The defendant in this case used his position as a volunteer with the Boy Scouts to sexually victimize a child,” stated District Attorney Marian Ryan. “His actions were a terrible violation of the trust placed in him by the victim and the victim’s parents.”


Judge Robert Ullman sentenced the defendant to three to five years to be served from and after the six year federal sentence the defendant is currently serving stemming from a 2012 conviction of child pornography charges. Noble’s sentence had been due to end in March of 2018.


In August of 2002, the victim, then a 12-year-old, was attending a camp in Chelmsford where the defendant was volunteering. The defendant was conducting activities designed to teach the Scouts about Native American heritage. The defendant brought the victim into a teepee and touched the victim inappropriately. Later that year, the victim stayed overnight at the defendant’s home in a guest room. The defendant entered the victim’s room in the middle of the night and groped the victim and then spent the rest of the night sleeping next to the child.


The prosecutor assigned to this case was Assistant District Attorney Tejal Mehta. The Victim Witness Advocate was Theresa Corcoran. The Child Interview Specialist was Alicia Compitello.

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