Arlington Police Subdue Distraught, Knife-Wielding Woman

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Officers Prevent Potential “Suicide by Cop” Situation with Restraint
ARLINGTON — Chief Frederick Ryan is today praising the efforts of Arlington Police Officers, who used a great deal of restraint and care to prevent a potential “suicide by cop” situation, when an armed woman approached them while officers were conducting a well-being check,

On Saturday, Jan. 16 at 11:13 a.m., Arlington Police responded to an address on Grove Street to check on a resident, at the request of the resident’s father. Upon arrival, officers found that the 32-year-old woman had barricaded herself inside the apartment and was shouting remarks indicating she was planning to kill herself. Facing an exigent situation, officers forced their way into the apartment, and at that time, the woman charged at officers, swinging the large knife violently. 
At that time, Officer Michael Hogen deployed his less-lethal beanbag round, which struck the woman, disarming her. Officers secured the resident, and she was transported to an area hospital by the Arlington Fire Department, where she is currently undergoing an evaluation. 
“Our officers responded to a call and immediately found themselves in a dangerous situation, facing an armed subject who was clearly distraught,” Chief Ryan said. “Thankfully, the officers, including Officer Hogan, fell back on their training and were able to resolve this situation without the loss of life and without serious injury to either the subject or the responding officers.”
Incident remains under investigation by the Arlington Police Department, and criminal charges are likely to be filed. The woman’s name is not being released at this time. 

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