Littleton Police Investigating Graffiti Vandalism at Political Headquarters

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LITTLETON — Chief Matthew King reports that the Littleton Police Department is actively investigating acts of graffiti vandalism done to the Massachusetts headquarters of presidential candidate Donald Trump.
At 9 a.m. Saturday, a Littleton Police officer in a marked cruiser was parked on Great Road near Littleton Common when he was approached by a woman who reported vandalism at the Conant Building located at 492 King St., a large commercial building which houses multiple businesses including the state campaign headquarters of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.
Upon arrival, officers took note of multiple acts of graffiti vandalism including vulgar and sexual references and references to Trump as a nazi and the word “pig” sprayed across three windows. 
“These types of acts are surprising and certainly not representative of the kind of town that Littleton is and the kind of people who live in this community. People have a right to express their views and disagreements, but the line is drawn at criminal behavior and vandalism,” Chief King said. “Littleton is an accepting place full of people who coexist regardless of each other’s political ideology. I speak for the entire community in my strong condemnation of these acts, and I promise a full and thorough investigation.”
Investigators took note of the graffiti and Littleton Police are conducting a full and thorough investigation, which will include reviewing surveillance footage from area businesses, including a gas station in the area. 
Officers spoke to both the building owner and the campaign manager, and arrangements were made to clean the graffiti once it was documented by investigators.
The vandalism also drew strong condemnation from town government.
“This behavior is not representative of either Littleton or its residents. The Conant Building is a historic building, and it is absolutely disgraceful that anyone would vandalize it simply because of their political beliefs or their disagreement with a political figure or party,” said Jim Karr, Chairman of the Littleton Board of Selectmen. “This is not what Littleton is all about. I hope that the Littleton Police Department identifies and prosecutes whomever is responsible for these acts to the fullest extent of the law.”
The Conant Building is a historic piece of Littleton. It was built as a cooperative in 1840 by a group of Littleton residents. It has served throughout the town’s history as a general store, stable, post office, grocery store, barbershop, and cobbler. 
Littleton Police are actively following any leads that come their way. If anyone has any information on this act of vandalism or saw anything out of the ordinary in the area on Saturday morning, they are urged to call Littleton Police at 978-540-2300. 

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