It’s Got To Be Trump!

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Photos by William Tauro

This publication, Boston News Group/Somerville News Weekly, from this day forward will be endorsing Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump as our next president of the United States of America!

Donald Trump is the best and the most qualified in the field of candidates to move this country forward again. 

His Cabinet and Advisors:He will contract the best managers and the world’s finest minds that he can trust and he will make certain that they all will be held accountable. 

On the Economy:Ask yourself the magic question, (Who would you want running your business to make it thrive? Donald Trump or Hillary?)

On the Military: We believe that he will demand countability from military contractors and suppliers, ensure that there is no corruption in the system and restrengthen our military so that we are respected around the world and make other countries think twice about provoking our rights and freedom. 

On Isis:He won’t just sit back and watch as our citizens are beheaded and held captive in other countries. He will blast Isis to pieces from the face of existence. 

On Immigration:He will build a much needed great wall and he will be tough on this issue to ensure the any and all immigrants enter this country legally through a process that is in place. 

Local Protection of our Citizens: He will work with and support our police departments and make sure that proper protocol is followed and give them the tools needed to ensure our protection and safety.

Local Economy of City and Towns:Jobs, security, safety, infrastructure of roads and bridges, he will get the job done and done right. He will put Americans back to work again. 

Veterans: He will support our veterans as they gave their lives and limbs supporting us. He will make this his top priority as he enters office and he will make sure no veterans are left out in the cold. He will support homeless veteran programs and assist getting them back on their feet. He will stand by them as they stood by us.  

We believe in voting for the candidate and not the party and that Trump has skin in the game and that he is even taking a pay cut taking the job. 

We believe that he has seen enough of the deterioration of our country, our relations overseas deteriorating and the ripple effect mess caused throughout the world because of Washington’s incompetence and just doesn’t want to take it anymore.

Donald J. Trump has the backbone, the courage and the experience to get the job done. Therefore we proudly endorse

Donald J. Trump and we believe he will bring pride and integrity back to the presidential office and make America great again!



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