Our Review of Bedford’s Red Heat Tavern

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By  Stephen O’Donnell

The Red Heat Tavern is now located at 162 Great Road in Bedford MA and our son, Jerome, AKA Jake, has started cooking for them. 

Kathy and I drove down there this past Saturday to check out the place and before we left we met Brad who was our bartender, imagine Kathy and I sitting at a bar. We also were greeted by Steve the General Manager. 

We had shrimp, ribs, steak tips, fries, tequila, and a variety of beers. Their menus are extensive and the food and atmosphere were quite enjoyable. 

On the beer menu they list not only the price, but the alcohol content, and because it is the Christmas season I had to try the Mad Elf at 13% alcohol. 

Suffice to say it brings the Christmas season to you taste buds. If you have the opportunity or are just looking for a place to enjoy yourself while having a good meal, head on down to the Red Heat Tavern.

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